November 24, 2009

Nothing to hide ... plenty to fear

The police are trawling for arrests, and thanks to Labour everything is arrestable, in order to fill up their DNA database. Accoring to the Times 'three quarters of young black men are on the database'! Almost all of whom will have done nothing wrong, but will still not be able to get their DNA off the database and now join the ranks of the 'guilty innocents' who are tainted by getting to close to the police. This can have serious repercussions, like this story of a high flying lawyer forced to work as a stable hand after she was sacked because she was on the database, despite doing nothing wrong.

November 19, 2009

Another step on the EU's path

Just a little something for those that dispute the claim that the EU is steadily marching towards statehood.

November 18, 2009

The Queen's Speech

Today is Gordon Brown's party political broadcast, oops I mean the Queen's Speech. In the past this was kept in such secrecy that leaking it could be a resigning matter. Not today though, and not just because no Labour Minister ever resigns for anything. This Queen's Speech has been so heavily trailed that it is perfectly possible to create a detailed critique of it even before it has been said and The Adam Smith Institute has done just that.

November 14, 2009

The War on Fish

The EU's War on Fish continues. They won't give in until the oceans have been cleared of this flappy menace.

November 13, 2009


Posted from my phone, hence no spell check, however this story was rather more interesting than the rest that are circulating as Labour gasps its last autharitarian breaths. It was this rather depressing story about piracy on the high seas.

The crew of a UK military ship watched as a British couple were taken hostage by Somali pirates but were ordered not to open fire, it has emerged.

While an RFA it still had armed men on board (making it more powerful than the 'mighty' HMS Endevour that lefties often claim could scare off the entire Agentine military) and could at least scared them off.

Perhaps it could be something to do with this story from last year about how the Navy has been ordered not engage pirates because of the worries to do with the Human Eights Act.

What really is the point of having a blue water navy if it cannot protect our shipping? The reason that the USA formed it's navy was to protect American merchant ships from pirates, the operating base being Algeria rather than Somalia back then.